4 Important Tips for Newbie Wedding Photographers

4 Important Tips for Newbie Wedding Photographers

Photographing a wedding is not going to be easy, especially if you’re new to it all. The sheer scope of the event and the pressure to take the right shots can be overwhelming, and you will probably end up feeling swamped.

That is why it is important for newbie wedding photographers to be as prepared as possible, and there are a few important tips in particular that will make a big difference:

  • Get some experience under your belt

Jumping straight into your very first wedding without any experience under your belt is a horrible idea. Not only is there a high risk that you screw it up, but your reputation could be permanently damaged if you do.

Instead or risking ruining someone’s wedding photographs as well as your own reputation, you should try to get some experience first. Look for an experienced Yorkshire wedding photographer that you can assist as a second photographer before you start to take on jobs on your own.

  • Always have a shot list

Talk to the wedding couple (or their planner) and make sure you are able to come up with a shot list. It should include the guests they want to ensure are in shots, the group photos that they want posed, and any key moments they need captured.

The more comprehensive your shot list, the better. It can act as a reference that helps you to ensure that you don’t accidentally miss anything out – especially pressure is on during the wedding itself.

  • Scout the locations in advance

Try to make it a point to scout the locations that you’re going to be shooting in advance. It will help you to get a lay of the land, the lighting, and potential composition.

If the schedule allows for it you should plan to arrive at each location early so you can walk through it and take some test shots. If it does not then you will have to make do, or try to arrange to scout the location prior to the day itself (possibly during the rehearsal).

  • Always carry extras on you

As a rule you should always have extras of everything that you need to photograph the wedding. That includes an extra camera, extra batteries, extra memory cards, and even extra lenses. If you don’t have an extra camera of your own – try to borrow one from someone.

It may seem unimportant, but it can make a world of difference on the day itself and will ensure that you’re able to continuously keep shooting photos.

As much as you plan and prepare, you should expect that things may not work out perfectly. On the day itself there are probably going to be delays, lighting issues, missing people, and lots of other problems that need to be sorted out.

Being a good wedding photographer will require that you calmly handle any problem that comes your way, and make sure that you get the shots that you need by hook or by crook.