How to Make Organizing Group Wedding Photographs Easier

How to Make Organizing Group Wedding Photographs Easier

Group wedding photos are notoriously difficult to organize. Finding the guests involved, getting them all to the right place, and posing them properly can seem to take forever at times.

That being said group photos are essential to ensure that the bride and groom have photos with their close family. If you don’t organize group shots it will be left to chance – which is never ideal.

Simply put you will definitely need to organize at least some group wedding photos, and as such it helps to know how to make it easier:

  • Limit the number of photos, and people involved

As far as possible you should try to limit the number of group photos, and the number of people in each one. A group photo with parents, immediate family members, or grandparents is good – but that already makes 6 groups, so be careful how many more you add.

  • Time it right

The best time to take group photos can vary. In some cases it may be right after the wedding ceremony itself before the guests disperse, or in others it may be after the reception. One option is to split up groups to photograph at certain times, and for example you could do groups of family members at the home or after the ceremony, and leave the reception for groups of friends.

  • Inform people in the groups beforehand

If you can you should make it a point to let the people involved in group photos know before the wedding itself. Tell them what time the group photographs are, and where they are expected to be. That should help ensure that at least most people are already there and ready – and you’ll have fewer people that you need to run around and find.

  • Appoint a family member (or two) to organize the groups

The person organizing the groups needs to be familiar with the people that are in them so they can find them and make sure they are in the right place. That is why the best thing to do is appoint a family member from each side and task them with it.

  • Have a backup location

Generally you should always have a backup location, in case the location you originally planned to shoot groups in doesn’t work out. If you intended to shoot outdoors this is extremely important – since you don’t want to be left high and dry if it rains.

  • Keep the posing simple

Unless you happen to have lots of time or the opportunity to plan in advance, it is best to keep the posing simple. While editorial posing may look good, it takes a long time to set up – whereas a simple symmetrical pose can be set up much more quickly.

Be sure to discuss the group photos with the wedding photographer Devon that you’re hiring. Make sure they know exactly what photos you want, and ask them for their input regarding the best time to slot in the photos and the location of the shoot itself.