Photographer Tips for Newbies at Weddings

Photographer Tips for Newbies at Weddings

So, your best friend is getting married and has asked you to be the photographer. Or maybe it is your sister who is the one who is finally tying the knot and has tapped you for this responsibility. While you may know your way around a camera, it isn’t as though you have made a living with it. Or perhaps you did back in the day when film was still around but today’s digital cameras are not quite so much your thing. Well, if you have been asked the only thing you can do is buck up and pick up a camera for the Big Day.

So, while you may be looking through the web for ideas such as Sparklers Online’s 30 wedding send off ideas for a great shot, here are a few tips we can share to help break the ice. They may seem like old hat to you, but trust us, in the end they will be a big help to getting through the day without feeling like an extra in a wedding scene. It might even net you a few great shots.

Bring Your Happy Face

Everyone responds well to a happy photographer, so put on your happy face and keep it there even if things aren’t going just the way you want them to go. Some of the best shots at weddings have happened when we were joking around with the wedding party, so plan on being their new best friend and you will get the shots you need.

Be a Problem Solver

If you are planning to spend a fair amount of time with the wedding party, and you should, then be more than just someone who sits around with a camera around their neck. If you are the one who can find the missing car keys, help the mother-in-law who can’t catch her breathe or keep that bratty kid quiet, you will have paid your way. Better yet, you will find that the rest of the wedding party will be more comfortable around you when you are the problem solver for the group.

Think on Your Feet

It doesn’t matter if you are shooting in a cathedral in New York city or a meadow in the hills of Colorado, weddings are always one step away from a disaster. That is why it is so important to learn to think fast and react quickly to a situation. This is something you should be doing whether it is dealing with a snoring uncle at the ceremony or catching that glass before it falls. When you are someone who is ready for anything you are also someone who can capture those little moments that make wedding photography so important to the bride and groom.

Have Fun

Even if you don’t know the bride and groom that well, you can make yourself part of the celebration by simply letting yourself enjoy the event while you shoot it. Everyone will know if you are faking it, so just relax, have a good time and the good shots will come out of the fact you are being there for everyone else, and sharing in the joy.