What are the Best Shots to Take at a Wedding?

What are the Best Shots to Take at a Wedding?

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Before any wedding it is important to come up with a shot list. While you will want some candid and spontaneous shots as well, there are many key moments throughout a wedding that should be captured.

In the midst of trying to think of all the shots that you want to include, you may leave some great ones out. That is why it helps to know some of the best shots to take at a wedding:

  • Close-up shots of meaningful and significant items

Grabbing close-up shots of any meaningful and significant items is always good. It could range from jewelry and accessories to the bridal banquet, personalized cufflinks, heirlooms, the items in ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue’, and so on.

  • Reaction shots of parents

Throughout the wedding it is always a good idea to keep an eye on the parents and their reactions – especially right after significant moments such as when the bride enters, during the wedding vows, after the kiss, and so on. The same applies to grandparents as well, or any other significant family members.

  • Close-up shots of bride and groom expressions as the bride arrives

Getting close-up shots of the expressions of both bride and groom as the bride enters is definitely good. Ideally you should try to capture the expression on the groom as he notices the bride enter, and the bride as she is waiting or as she begins to walk down the aisle.

  • Over-the-shoulder shots of bride and groom respectively at the altar

Two of the best shots that you can take at the altar, are of the groom over the bride’s shoulder, and the bride over the groom’s shoulder. It is a very personal and intimate way to frame the shots, especially if you can capture a good candid expression.

  • The kiss

Few moments are as important as the kiss, and it is important that it be captured well. It is normally best to take it directly from the center aisle, so there is a certain symmetry to the shot.

  • Bride and groom’s send off

A good send-off shot is the perfect way to draw wedding photos to a close, so it is important that you capture it. It is best as a wide shot that shows the entire crowd sending the bride and groom off.

  • Shot from inside the limo

One nice send-off shot specifically is to shoot the bride and groom getting into the limo – from inside the limo itself. All you need to do is head over to the other side and open the door then stick the camera in from there.

If you’re a photographer it is important that you keep an eye out for each of the opportunities listed. Be sure to make room for them on your shot list, as they could help you to really capture some of the best moments at any wedding.