What are the Kinds of Wedding Photography Styles of the Present?

What are the Kinds of Wedding Photography Styles of the Present?


Every photographer has his or her own style of clicking pictures. After several years of shooting, you mostly could narrow the different techniques and approaches into different style categories. There have been four different unique formats of First-class Cornwall wedding photographer prevalent in the industry. Every wedding photographer would be fully comfortable in shooting each one. They would allow the couple to choose which style would best represent their personality and personal style.

Various styles of photographers

Photographers come in various different personalities, styles and sizes. Some might shoot in only one specific style, whereas there are photographers who could shoot in a variety of different styles. You would also have the real innovators, who could create their own style.

However, the most popular styles of wedding photography in today’s market have been inclusive of traditional, photojournalism and illustrative.


Traditional James Darling wedding photography has been described as a photographic style that would be a series of artificial ‘set up’ photographs. Usually, the wedding party and the couple’s families could be the major target of the photographer. Traditional wedding photographers have a tendency to follow a ‘shot list’. The photographer could tightly control the background and lighting. It might result in decently exposed images. The drawbacks of Traditional wedding photography could be issues such as amount of time the Bride and Groom spend to get their photographs taken. Moreover, the images could appear visually pleasing, but stiff because of their motionless and artificial nature and predictability.



Wedding photojournalism is believed to appeal to the bride and groom. It might need a series of unique photographs specifically designed to ‘tell a tale’ or narrate their wedding day. Wedding photojournalism is gaining high popularity with the people. This style of wedding photography has been the art of capturing moments discreetly. Usually, you would hardly know that the photographer is there. Usually, the photographer is required to cover the wedding with a large telephoto lens. They would even try not to get in the way of the story as it unfolds. They would not manipulate events as they unfold.


Wedding photographers, who shoot weddings in the Illustrative style, might think in terms of design element. They would place their subjects in settings of appealing composition and backgrounds. A creative person who would love design and various other elements of colour and texture has mostly done this photography. The photographer might provide direction to their subject, but they are also encouraged to intermingle. This could result in a more impulsive feeling.