What Common Mistakes to Avoid When Taking Wedding Photos

What Common Mistakes to Avoid When Taking Wedding Photos

Weddings are one of the most overwhelming types of events to photograph. Not only is their scope demanding, but the fact that they are one-off events of such great emotional value means that you can’t afford to make mistakes.

Unfortunately there are some mistakes that are all too common in wedding photography, but by knowing what they are you stand a better chance at avoiding them:

  • Missing the firsts

The cardinal sin of wedding photography is missing the ‘firsts’ – i.e. the first look, first kiss, first dance, and so on. It is important that you know when each is going to take place, and prepare beforehand so you are perfectly positioned to capture them.

  • Not having a family member as a coordinator

It is crucial that you have a family member as a coordinator, otherwise you’ll be trying to figure out who everyone is and will probably miss out some important people in your shots. In many cases having two family members as coordinators is best – one from the bride’s side, and one from the groom’s.

  • Trying to do it alone

While it isn’t impossible to photograph a wedding solo – it isn’t easy either. Having a second photographer can lighten the workload and you’ll be able to capture far better photos as a result.

  • Underestimating the experience required

Many beginners often try to photograph their first wedding long before they’re ready and feel that the best way to learn is to just try shooting one. While that may be true in some cases, wedding photography is not one of them – and your lack of experience could ruin the precious photos of a couple’s special day.

Instead of running that risk, you should try to get some experience by assisting a more experienced wedding photographer London before you attempt your own wedding photography shoot.

  • Not being having a flexible schedule

Although you may have a schedule that you want to stick to – you need to leave room to be flexible. The fact of the matter is that most weddings end up overrunning, and so you need to account for that and prepare to stay if you’re needed. Ideally you should inform the couple that you are willing to stay for an extra hour or two – but it will cost a bit extra as well.

  • Attempting poses that are too elaborate

When capturing group photos at a wedding, it is best to stick to simple poses. Elaborate editorial-style poses may look good, but they take a long time to set up and the schedule normally won’t allow for many of them.

If you can avoid these mistakes, you should be able to capture far better wedding photos in a far more effective fashion. It should be noted that there are other mistakes or issues that you may face along the way, and you should prepare yourself for that.

To be honest preparation counts for a lot when it comes to wedding photography, and there is really no such thing as being over-prepared.