What to Consider when Picking the Perfect Wedding Tent

What to Consider when Picking the Perfect Wedding Tent

You are planning to say ‘I do’ in an open garden. That is nice of you. However, you may need to find ways of facilitating a successful wedding day. And the one main thing that you cannot leave out is to rent a tent.

But you may need to familiarize yourself with what to consider when you are cherry picking a wedding tent that is perfect for your big day. This is because you cannot imagine failing to have a successful wedding. Here are the aspects that must be considered.


Someone who is a bit experienced can help you schedule your site to figure out the perfect tents to fit. This, however, does not rely on the number of tents you may want. In most cases, you will have to meet in person with the salesperson to determine which tents would fit in that chosen area. Also if leveling would be required, this is the right time to know and organize for that.


You can get some essential information on how the tents are made so that you understand the kind of tent you are bound to get. There are framed tents and the ones with poles. It is good to know that most tent canopies are vinyl made and have aluminum frames. The fact remains that the style of the tent you choose should be impressive and well lit especially for photography purposes.


Your layout will be factored in by the kind of band stage, gift tables and buffet dance floors plus the number of bars. The size of the dining tables will affect the size of the reception tent. In most cases, round tables tend to be more efficient and eat less space and accommodate a good number of guests compared to rectangular tables.

Number of tents

You may want to have many tent canopies arranged in an area for various purposes. It is inarguably a splendid way of entertaining your guests on your big day. So it is a creative way to go by. But it is wise to have a contingency plan in case the weather turns out to be bad that day.

Open and shut

Most tents come with sidewalls that should not be removed. However, weather is unpredictable, and temperature may hike, and the need for cool breeze arises. In such a scenario you can roll up the side and roll them down once you feel there is the need. So it is wise to pick those tents with side walls. They are ideal for events.

Bottom Line

Up to this far, you have known what has to be considered when you are picking a tent for your wedding day. The layout, style, position, number of tents you would like to set on the garden and the most favorite aspect of open and shut tents. It is always advisable to get a tent you feel is perfect for your big day. Do not let embarrassment be caused by poorly chosen wedding tents.